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Wonder Wednesdays

  • betsykarp18

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There are signs from the universe all around us. However, we have to be present and fully aware to allow them to affect us in the most positive ways.

Recently, I was up in Connecticut with someone. It was supposed to be a work weekend, however, the weather was too beautiful to stay inside all weekend and work.

As we were basking in the sun, a yellow butterfly circled for a few solid minutes- back and forth around us- yellow. Yellow is the color of confidence, joy, and strength. I didn’t know who from above was sending the message, but I knew it was from my angels.

That night, I had an intense dream where two Indian women dressed in gorgeous sarees, reached in and pierced my right nostril with a purple diamond. The feeling was so intense it woke me up. Nose piercings on the right side are a symbol of positivity and character- the right side represents confidence- you are sure of who you are and what you do. It also represents the desire for consistency in your life. Purple is your most divine highest self. Rising into the royalty of who you are. The dream gave me a sense of clarity that something wonderful in the future is coming.

The next day, as I was sitting, sipping coffee, browsing the paper, a ladybug landed on my right leg. I screamed as I had never had a ladybug land on me before! I was so glad my friend was there to witness all of this! The ladybug just stayed there and started traveling upward and then flew away. Ladybugs are pure luck, and they say when one lands on you, get ready for luck and prosperity. As I was getting up from the chair, a white feather appeared by my foot- I had no idea where it came from, and it certainly hadn’t been there the moment before. It all felt like magic.

We cooked and had fun making a seasonal butter sage pasta medley of brussel sprouts, acorn squash, honeynut squash, garlic chicken, and parmesan. As we were eating dinner, two white swans floated down the canal. Swans- representative of grace, beauty, elegance, and the energy of love.

So many universal messages that could have easily gone by unnoticed, but I was so present in the beauty of the moment, I couldn’t help but see them call out to me. Sometimes all we need is to see what’s right in front of us. We can look at something, but it’s not until we take the moment to actually see what’s there that we can fully experience it.

I don’t know what the future holds, but these signs bring me hope to keep moving forward and looking up.


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