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Betsy Karp Welcoming


Who am I?

I am a spiritual creative leader empowering individuals to be, enjoy, and love their true authentic vibrant selves. As a wellness consultant, I use creative methods such as color therapy, healing modalities, and meditation. I guide you through helpful ways of using the unconscious impact of color in our lives to find a fresh way of looking at your life through a new conscious lens.

Betsy's Mission

Betsy inspires people to be, enjoy, and love their authentic selves.


A new holistic approach to improve your everyday using the the power of color. Creating spaces of connection, creativity, collaboration, and community

Why am I doing what I'm doing?

I have personally experienced an inner transformation. I have taken myself from feeling lost and lonely to curating a life of inner comfort, confidence, and awareness - every day

These past years of isolation and living through a global pandemic magnified these feelings of being alone. We as humans are created for community. Your community that allows you to feel safe, loved, and supported only manifests when you're willing to reveal the truth about who you really are.

Just you. No filters. No masks. The real, raw, authentic you.


It took me years to get here... but I’m here now, and that’s what matters!

I don’t want you to have to wait 50+ years! I want to share the process, the creative tools, and the transformation in a much simpler more direct way.

Having gone through this journey, I can now confidently stand in my authentic being- excited for the world I have created for myself.


The solution is you.

Being you.

Enjoying you.

Loving you.

How can I support you on this journey?

Here’s how it works...

I will be your creative guide. Based on you and your group's needs, I will lead integrative and insightful activities on how to become stronger and more confident. This self awareness and personal insight will help strengthen the individual as well as how they collaborate with others in their daily lives.

Within this creative process, we will explore creative methods of looking inside your soul with true transparency, to connect to the most authentic version of you.

Betsy Karp


*Betsy Karp is not a licensed medical practitioner, therapist or psychologist


 Words to live by

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