Learning to love who you are

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BE you.
ENJOY you.
LOVE you.


Betsy inspires people to be, enjoy, and love their authentic selves. Through inclusive interactive spaces, she uses color to elevate individual frequencies through community.

Betsy's course Color Me Happy was a breath of fresh air in a time where breathing deeply
was needed the most. From the group of ladies that was curated to the
weekly lessons, fun activities, and thoughtful reflections, this experience
offered something special I honestly wouldn’t have even known I needed had
I not participated. This series is a great way to explore personal growth
opportunities, build community and just connect - with oneself and with
others. Color Me Happy wraps joy, fun, learning, empowerment and comfort
in a beautiful package and serves it with love!

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Brandy Cochrane
Plant Based Chef & Wellness Coach



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