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Yana Melnikova

Yana Melnikova
Chanel Cosmetics
NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists

In 2020 I had the pleasure and the opportunity to work with Betsy on a special color event for a cosmetic industry non-profit organization. Betsy was one of our main speakers for the event and she was truly a pleasure to work and collaborate with. We first connected with Betsy to describe our event and its educational mission, Betsy was incredibly warm, passionate and proposed creative ideas that were driven with purpose and inspiration. Betsy’s knowledge of color and its impact on our psyche is very vast and impressive, for our event she proposed a relevant topic that aligned with our event’s mission. Originally we planned to hold the event in person, however by late spring it was clear that the event would need to be held virtually, and despite this challenge and transition Betsy was open and flexible, in fact she worked her presentation to make sure it reached and fully inspired and educated our attendees.  She also tailored her presentation to our industry and included relevant and interesting points of color and its impact on our lifestyle, culture and psychology, which all translated seamlessly into the world of beauty and inspired our attendees! On top of her expertise, Betsy is also a very emotive story teller, so her presentation was incredibly personable and inspiring, which was felt in the audience even through the virtual platform!

Tathienne Thiele

Tathienne Thiele
Interior Designer, Founder Studio Neshama
FIT - The Unconscious Impact of Color in Our Lives

As an interior designer, I am truly in touch with the world of color daily. Through school, and my studies later on, I had been searching for a class that didn’t teach color theory (once again) but something deeper. Betsy’s class was one of a kind, and truly life changing for both my career and personal life. I now understand what has more often than not been ignored in the creative world which is the psychological impacts of design and color itself. Betsy is not only extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but was able to use techniques that were beyond the “textbook” to achieve a truly permeable and impactful experience. By going through theory, applying to known examples, and then to our own careers and endeavors we were able to not only learn but feel the impact of color ourselves. My only hope is that this course can be taught more expansively in the future as I believe Betsy has so much to teach, and this subject is becoming more and more relevant in the design industry and should no longer be ignored by the syllabus.

Brandy Cochrane
Brandy Cochrane
Plant Based Chef &  Wellness Coach

Betsy's course Color Me Happy was a breath of fresh air in a time where breathing deeply was needed the most. From the group of ladies that was curated to the weekly lessons, fun activities, and thoughtful reflections, this experience offered something special I honestly wouldn’t have even known I needed had
I not participated. This series is a great way to explore personal growth opportunities, build community and just connect - with oneself and with others. Color Me Happy wraps joy, fun, learning, empowerment and comfort
in a beautiful package and serves it with love!

Rachel Hersh

Rachel Hersh
North America for Prestige Capital Corporation
Sales Director

At a time of uncertainty and isolation, Betsy created a community of women
who were open to creating community and engagement. The weekly gatherings
gave structure to the week and became an event to look forward to. The
vibrancy of each color brought joy and an interest in the upcoming exploration
of each color and it's meaning. As we gathered each week, our connections
deepened and took us out of ourselves and created empathy for each other.
Betsy's guidance and meditations and dance parties and reading of the poems
created for each week's sessions were perfect. She truly created a space of joy
and creativity and community and I am deeply grateful to have been part of her
Color Me Happy series.

Elise van Oss
Personal Reset Client

"Thank you very much for the wonderfully inspiring session on April 1!!  After setting the date, I confess there was a moment when I doubted whether anything could banish the winter blahs.  Foolish me.  It hasn't yet been 21 days (and old habits do die hard), but the rich blend of your sensible mind/body wellness advice, meditative exercises, and delightful encouragement have proven a lasting cocktail. 


You bring the vibrant colors of joy and possibility to people, and that is a gift indeed!"

Alice An

Alice An

Program Director Pro-Artistry Education Week 

I brought Betsy in to expose my clients to how color can impact people on a subconscious level, with the hope that it would not only help them better understand how to tap into their creativity as artists, but also open them up and allow them to harness the power of color to benefit both their personal lives and their professional lives outside of artistry.


Even though it was a room full of complete strangers, Betsy was able to create an environment where everyone felt safe to share and all attendees walked away feeling a tangible amount of personal growth by the time the session ended.


While we were only able to scratch the surface during our session, many of my clients still reflect back and tell me how much they enjoyed their time with Betsy when I see them.

Elizabeth Kosich

Elizabeth Kosich
Founder at The EveryBody Wrap®
FIT - The Unconscious Impact of Color in Our Lives

I took Betsy Karp’s ‘The Unconscious Impact of Color on Our Lives’ and, not knowing what to expect, was totally amazed by it. After the intensive 2-day seminar, I emerged transformed, invigorated and inspired about much more than just color. Betsy’s teachings are fully immersive of mind, body and spirit, and explore color on a deep personal level via soul-searching exercises that stir the spirit and awaken the mind. Betsy’s generosity of spirit and tireless effort lifts and inspires anyone who crosses her path, and made the class a truly unique and unforgettable experience. I watched my fellow students transform and blossom before my eyes, which was remarkable. Betsy is doing something very special with this coursework. She really gives you her all and exceeds every expectation. I cannot recommend this class — or Betsy — enough and hope that SXN-482 becomes part of FIT's mainstay curriculum so that others can benefit as much as I and my fellow classmates did.”

Reina P.
FIT - The Unconscious Impact of Color in Our Lives

What I loved about this class is how much I learned about each color, the importance of color in our own life, the meaning behind each one and how color can change my life and now some of my client’s lives. Also, the first day I came to class seeing everything in black and white, now i’m leaving seeing rainbows everywhere. For the next sessions, I suggest that the class is longer, more days. It is amazing and the professor is wonderful.

Virginia Herbaaugh
FIT - The Unconscious Impact of Color in Our Lives

This class was inspirational and motivational- it’s a perfect start or finish to any certificate and would be great as a stand-alone class as well. Through creative projects and engaging discussion, we learned the emotional and healing aspects of color both for ourselves and our brand. I walked away with greater knowledge and clarity- not just for my business, but for my self and my life goals. Betsy is the real deal - true artist, true teacher. I enjoyed her class and her presence immensely. Thank you!

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