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Wonder Wednesdays

  • betsykarp18

Level Up 💃🏻❤️🔥💋

"The more clarity you have about what you want in life, the more power there is available for you to create it." Mark A. Karlsson


What does the next act of your life look like?

The only way to get there is through the moment.

Do you believe something wonderful is going to happen today?

This weekend I was incredibly sick with an upper respiratory infection, and as I was laying in bed, doubt, fear, and expectations were running rampant through my mind. My mind was starting to feed my body, and the two together were not doing very well.

Finally the darkness got to a point that was scary, but I had to push through. I needed something to inspire me. Scrolling on my phone I came across a quote of Brian Tracy saying, "Start every morning by saying, 'I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.' Repeat it over and over." So I did just that.

It's the seemingly small the daily habits that create our success.

Repeating this phrase, made my brain start believing it, from the outside in. It made me question how I've done this before. Looking at old photos of places I've traveled to, experiences I've had, and jobs I've worked; I realized how much I have created for myself in the previous years of my life. And most of those opportunities came from me reaching out, being bold, connecting with others, and truly embracing the vermilion energy within me.

Red is the color of Aries, and vermilion is the color red with the vibrant energy of creative orange hues infused within it. In my astrological chart, I have Aries in Mercury and Jupiter, so my mind functions like an Aries, and it gives me an expansiveness in the breadth of my imagination.

I made a list of things that I want to be. What am I great at? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? How can I be honest in that department, let go of procrastination, self doubt, and move forward into the next act of my life.

I realized we have an opportunity each day to make it great.

Each day we have the choice to choose our thoughts, clothes, make the healthy choices, walk through the park, fuel our bodies with nutritious meals, and completely rock our worlds. And it's all about the energy you bring into your day.

Looking back at what I have accomplished in my past, brought me the wonder to imagine what would be possible moving into the future.

"If you need it see it before you can believe it, you're relinquishing power over your own destiny. Believing it first will cause you to see it!" Mark A. Karlsson

Believing it first will cause you to see it... Believing it in your heart, and seeing your dreams as if they're already happening, will create the space for the right people and opportunities to enter your existence.

Do you have that vermilion fire in your belly to believe you can do it?


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